Harry K

The change from an archaic era to the modern period of today is best represented by the Kouros: the statue of a male youth from Ancient Greek times which exemplifies the change from Archaic to Classical sculpture and best represents the wealth and power of the Greek aristocratic class. The lone figure to silently lead the way for Queensland from the late 90s to the vivacious vigorof the 21st century is Harry K, also known for the first few years of his DJ life as Hakka. Happy to keep the shadows of the DJ Booth, Harry K represents the divinity of Queensland’s dance industry; a greek boy god who has been around to observe the many transformations within Queensland.

As a Capricorn, and therefore destined by the star sign to be ‘always right’, Harry was introduced to the piano, saxophone and singing by his parents. Harry’s classical training took him through understanding music theory and structure, with a particular interest in melodies and vocals. Since purchasing his first Dance album on vinyl “The Best of Italo House”, the love for old school Italian house gave way to Hard House and Trance where Harry K emerged as “DJ Hakka”.
Keeping to the shadows of his cap, the boy god of Hakka was venerated for his hard trance club style – a genre he continues to enjoy even today though his versatility in a vibrant party atmosphere and anthems have since become his area of expertise.

Once the manager of Central Station Records and no doubt harbouring a precious and enviable collection of records, Harry K took his outstanding communication and event management skills to promotions and marketing at Family Nightclub, where his passion for good times and great music all come together in Family. Particularly, his satisfaction has known no bounds when in 2007, Fridays @ Family took out the crown for inthemix Best Club night for Queensland. As the parent of successful events “Fluffy”, and its offshoot, GLAM, Harry K is undoubtedly a cornerstone in Brisbane’s vibrant industry. Queensland’s first Fluffy Festival will feature at Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds, showcasing the country’s best party DJs and acts. With plans to continue working on his promotional and event management skills, Harry K remains as one who has lead the change from an archaic era to the more modern paradigmatic culture of today.